How To

What is Work4all?

Work4all provides weekly tenders, request for quotations and contract work uploaded securely online by various organisations directly on your cellphone.

What do you get?

Buying requests from Municipalities, Government, Private Business and Corporates is uploaded weekly and includes:

Location, fees, and contact details

Details of tenders/work/quotations

Tender ref number/expiry dates.

BEE Level/other qualifying criteria.

You will be able to contact the company directly and either tender or give a quote/tender based on the work specification.

Steps to Follow

Go to our website on (on your mobile) to see the tenders or request for quotes/work. If you are already on your mobile-Click Search Tenders/RFQ/Work.

Choose the relevant area and category (the amount of tenders is displayed in brackets next to each category)

To see contact details sms the word tenders to 40021 to receive 7 days access at a cost of R 20-00 per week. Once you have sent the sms you will immediately receive confirmation with a link.Click/Open the link and search the relevant category. You will now be able to see contact details of the requesting Company.

All tender/work/quotation information will be viewable for a week where after you will have to again sms the word "tenders" to 40021 to see new tenders or request for work.

We will send you weekly reminders once tenders/quotes/work has been updated.

Contact Details

If you have any questions send an e-mail to or phone 087 8026239.

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